Retail Range

Sell the delicious Leo Foods products in your store, with this range of products presented in sealed packaging and labelled according to legislative requirements.
Amaretti (Italian almond macaroons) 150g pack
Biscotti Cantuccini Almond 180g
Biscotti Cantuccini Chocolate 180g
Biscotti Cantuccini Cranberry & Almond 180g
Biscotti Cantuccini Double chocolate & hazelnut 180g
Biscotti Grande Fruit & Nut 400g
Angeli hearts (vanilla butter biscuits) 180g
Chocolate chunk oatmeal 160g pack
Harvest Cranberry & Oat 160g pack
Harvest Crunchies 6 pack
Kourambiethe (Greek shortbread) rounds 180g pack
Shortbread mini bites 180g pack
Triple chocolate & coconut bites 180g pack
Venetian Cioccolatini (dark chocolate) 180g pack
White chocolate & macadamia 160g pack
Pan Forte Margherita 115g, 250g, 450g
Pan Forte Nero 115g, 250g, 450g
Choc Biscotti
Choc biscotti
Double choc Biscotti
Double choc biscotti
Almond biscotti
Almond biscotti
Cranberry & Almond biscotti
Cranberry & almond biscotti
White Choc mac biscuits
White Choc mac biscuits
Venetian biscuit
Venetian biscuits
Choc chunk Biscuit
Choc chunk biscuits
LeoFoods Panforte 4 copy scaled