Panforte Margherita is a chewy, spicy Italian dessert containing glazed fruits and nuts and wrapped in the iconic Leo Foods Panforte wrapping. Our Nero variant contains cocoa giving it a rich chocolatey flavour. Enjoyed with afternoon tea or an after-dinner drink. The range has a shelf life of 9 months and should be stored in a cool, dry place.

VariantsSize Options
Margherita 115g, 250g, 450g and 28cm (16-20 slices)
Nero 115g, 250g, 450g
Pan Forte
Pan Forte
Classic chocolate browniesClassic chocolate brownie with chocolate chips
FudgeMelt in your mouth, made with condensed milk, syrup and butter
Flourless chocolate browniesMade with gluten free flour, white and dark chocolate chips
TiffinsA biscuit layer containing crushed biscuits, syrup, sultanas, coconut, cocoa powder, followed by a caramel layer and topped with a layer of melted chocolate
Triple chocolate, luxury browniesA decadent and rich brownie containing both white and dark chocolate
Chcocolate Brownies
Chocolate Brownies